Molly Rakestraw Celebration of Life

Sunday, March 4, 2018: When you entered the Reno Bridge Center to play on any day of the week, you couldn’t help but notice that elegant lady, usually in a mollysmart red dress, sitting with one of her favorite partners preparing to play this great game of bridge. Today, they were celebrating the life of their good friend, Molly Rakestraw.  Many brought delicious food to share and relate stories about their friend Molly, who had introduced many of them to the game of duplicate bridge and taught them how to play and win.  Her son John brought a sheet cake for Molly and told of how she and his dad Albert, who pre-deceased Molly by almost a decade, met at a “Coming Out Party” put on by her family. These functions were traditional events held by wealthy families in the last century to introduce their young daughters to society.  Albert was invited to this event and they fell in love at first sight.  John brought a few pictures of Molly as a young lady. She was always strikingly beautiful and that never changed. Several of the folks spoke of experiences they had with Molly and Kathy Lane related how important her services were in the founding and administration of Reno Youth Bridge LLC, a non-profit organization set up to teach Washoe County School District students the values of learning and playing the game of bridge. Many others shared loving stories about Molly’s manners and friendliness.  John stated that Molly was raised as a Christian Scientist and believed that all people were perfect.  He said the stories he heard today reflected Molly’s attitude of finding the goodness she saw in all her friends.  Molly, you will be missed!