Year-end Pairs Championship set for Saturday, June 2nd

The Reno Youth Bridge has announced that the Year-end Interscholastic Middle School Pairs duplicate bridge tournament has been scheduled for Saturday, June 2nd.  Check in will begin at 9:00AM and the tournament will start at 10:00AM and be completed by 1:30PM after which a light lunch will be served.   Students and teachers are requested to arrange for designated  partnerships before hand and Pre-registration begins May 21st. This Championship could determine who is going to win the $1000 College Scholarship for the 2011-12 school year as a member of the RYBAP Achievement Program.  Be sure to check the standings as of the end of April to determine where you or your interested party stands in the gift certificate program.  For those that have not taken advantage of play on Bridge Base online, or play at any Saturday or Sunday game at the Reno Bridge Club game, you are missing the chance to pick up gobs of points to add to your attendance record and your tournament ranking awards.  If you want to come and play in the Saturday Club game on any Saturday between now and the end of  May, if Bud Brewer is available, he has offered to be your partner.  Ten points for each game is available.  Ask one of the other teachers or Directors and Maybe they will be available also.  The same applies to playing on Bridge Base Online.  If available, Bud, Dan, Dave or Kathy will play with you as their partner.  For each 12 boards you play you win 5 RYBAP points.  But you have to pay attention to their comments about your bidding or play.  On Saturday morning log on to Bud Brewer’s teaching table and get a lesson or two and you will receive 5 RYBAP points.  Anyone could win over 100 points pursuing an effort to accumulate points this way. Not only do you pick up a lot of points toward finishing with a total high enough to win nice gift certificates but you will be getting better and better to have a chance to win the Pairs Tournament.