Reno Youth Bridge awards Schalarship

The Directors of Reno Youth Bridge announced that they have funded the first of its four Condition Precedent $1000.00 Tuition Scholarships that have been earned by WCSD students over the past several years. The Tuition Scholarship funded this week was earned by Giovanny Zuniga who graduated this month from the Academy of Arts, Careers and Sciences (AACT) High School. Gio is the first of the four WCSD Students who have thus far 2016-6-10 Gio Zuniga Rensselear Instituteearned the scholarship as a result of their skills in learning and playing bridge during an after school activity as a member of their school’s Bridge Team. Teams from Middle Schools and High Schools in the District compete each year for the RYB-WCSD Silver Cup awarded to the school whose team wins the Spring Intramural Team competition. In addition to very high rankings in RYB Tournaments, Gio was a member of the team that won the Spring Team Competition in April of 2014. The Condition Precedent Scholarship is awarded to the student who accumulates the highest number of RYB achievement points during the school year playing in tournaments sponsored by Reno Youth Bridge, the American Contract Bridge League and on Bridge Base online, a website where people resident in countries all over the Globe come together and compete in this,the most popular card game in the World. Reno Youth Bridge funds its “Condition Precedent” Scholarship upon the student not only graduating but also achieving a Grade Point Average in high school that will qualify him for admission to the University of Nevada. In Gio’s case not only did he meet the first requirement but he carried a 4.0 GPA and has been accepted for admission to three universities, Yale, Harvard,and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Gio has decided to enroll in the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the nation’s oldest technological research university as that school offered degrees more in line with his career objective, Computer Information Engineering. We wish Gio the best of success and continued winning of bridge tournaments. .