Reno Youth Bridge on

February 13,2017: Reno Youth Bridge Instructors are offering beginning and intermediate bridge lessons for WCSD Middle School and High School student bridge club members on  Barbara Agre, Dan Green along with former RYB Founder Bud 06-IMG_0398Brewer have made themselves available to students who either want to review previously learned conventions or learn the basics of the 2/1 bidding system to sharpen up their skills at the game.  The day and time for the lessons vary but when 2 or 3 RYB registered students request a convenient time for their attendance, these and other instructors will make themselves available if possible.  The specific topics presented will reflect a level of experience currently present in the student participants.   Subject lessons will cover any topics the student wants to brush up on or practice under an instructor’s supervision.  While the number of students participating in a specific lesson is limited to 4, the number of students watching and learning is unlimited.  Reno Youth Bridge Instructor and Coach for the Galena High School Bridge Team, Barbara Agre, has introduced this online teaching program for new and returning Bridge Club members at Galena High School.

Reno Youth Bridge and Washoe County School District sponsor intramural competition among the 14 or so Middle School and High Schools which have organized participating Bridge Clubs and hold three major tournaments each school year.  RYB offers a year long opportunity for students to achieve standing in the Non-profit Company’s Achievement Plan, the rankings in which award up to $4000.00 in Merchant Gift Cards or a College Scholarship.  The student participant earning the most RYBAP achievement points each year is awarded a $1000 Condition Precedent College Tuition Scholarship.  Students earning the top 20 position in ranking are awarded merchant gift certificates valued up to $500.00.

Come check this activity out if you haven’t heard of it and come register to learn and play bridge, the most popular card game in the world.  To request a time and day for personal online instruction for you and your partner or to join a session scheduled for others, email your request to: Barbara Agre-, Dan Green-, or Bud Brewer-