Reno Youth Final Pairs Event

May 15, 2017: The final Reno Youth Bridge sponsored intramural pairs tournament for the school year 2016-2017 will be held this weekend at the Reno Bridge Center, 3850 Wrondel Way.  This WCSD intramural tournament will most assuredly determine the winner of the student who will earn the highest number of RYBAP points to be declared the recipient of the $1000 College Tuition Condition Precedent Scholarship.  The Year-end Pairs championship will be the final tournament sponsored by Reno Youth Bridge and as noted, will be a pairs event.  Registration begins at 9:30AM and the Tournament will start at 10:00AM.  A light lunch will be served during the Awards Ceremony and all students will be available for pick up by 2:30.  Line up your favorite partner or just and play with another student unmatched for the event.