Jefri Donovan Elected RYB President


Donovan elected President:

Jewfri image cropReno Youth Bridge is the non-profit operating organization that sponsors after school activity “Learning and playing Duplicate Bridge” at Washoe County School District Middle School and High Schools. Duplicate Bridge has become a popular after school activity at over 14 High Schools and Middle Schools in the District.  Launched by American Contract Bridge Members, Kathy Lane, Bud Brewer, and Grace Martin back in 2008, the activity has become popular as participants have learned just how beneficial learning and playing the game is for academic growth and knowledge enhancement.  In nonscientific but interesting comparisons, it was recently determined that those students who participate actively in the learning and playing of duplicate bridge typically score 40 to 50 points higher in their grade point scores than the high school student body average.


A Perfect Score:

In 2014 one million seven hundred high school students took the College Board’s SAT and ACT College tyler hartAdmission Tests.  Of that number, less than one tenth of one percent (1520 students) scored a perfect score on both tests.  Reno Youth Bridge member Tyler Hart of Reno High School was one of those who aced both tests. When asked, what were some of the most important contributing factors to his achievement.  Tyler listed many of the expected contributors, but he then added, “I think my experience learning and playing duplicate bridge as a member of Reno Youth Bridge, gave me an unusual opportunity to learn the values offered to those who play this game, especially in competition.  One of those values you learn is the exercise of inferential analysis.  When some opponent leads, or plays a card, it usually is the result of selecting from other options, so you ask yourself “why did my opponent play that particular card”.  In a bridge game, you must make such inferences continuously and going through the exercise gives you a basis for thinking critically.