WCSD Students Play in First Intramural Bridge Tournament

December 1,2016: This coming Saturday morning, December 17th, Washoe County School District Middle School and High School Students will test their learning progress in the first intramural duplicate bridge tournament of the school year sponsored by Reno Youth Bridge, Inc.  Students will partner with other After School Club members from their participating school and play 18 to 24 pre-dealt bridge hands.  The format will be a Pairs event in which all those partnerships sitting in the North-South compass position at       each table of four players will play the same cards as those partners are playing at 8 or more other tables.  Partnerships sitting in the East-West position will do the same and scores are compared to see which of the partnerships sitting the same direction scored the highest on each hand,  06-IMG_0398One point is earned for each pair your score is higher, one half point for each pair’s score you tie and zero points if your result is lower than all other partnership’s result.  With one player designated as Dealer, the auction for reaching a contract begins and proceeds clockwise around the table until in successive order there are three players who pass.  Using a vocabulary of only 15 words, numbers or vein of a suit, each player makes a bid showing some value or distribution or they pass saying they have nothing to show.  After allowing for a minimum number of tricks that must be taken(6) called “the book”, the individual player making the last bid for a number of tricks to be contracted for in which one of the four suits is designated as the Trump suit or in which none of the suits is designate as the trump suit (referred to as No-Trump) followed by three successive passes, a contract is established.  This then is the minimum number of tricks that must be won by the declarer playing both his hand undisclosed and his partner’s hand which after the initial lead by the player to the Declarer’s left, is placed on the table for all to see. Points are scored from a trick value depending on the suit that is trump and bonuses are won by bidding and winning a specific number of tricks. The pair defending against Declarers contract will win points for each undertrick by Declarer.  Variations occur for doubling bids by defenders and or redoubling bids by declarer’s side.

The winning pairs in each direction earn special achievement points toward a potential award of a Condition Dependent College Tuition Scholarship of $1000.00.  Other cash equivalent awards of as much as $500.00 may  also be won each school year including travel and accommodation subsidies to the top four students for their attending the ACBL Youth Nationals.