GroupGreetings Members of Reno Youth Bridge.  Nine years ago four active members of the Reno Unit of the ‘American Contract Bridge League, Kathy Lane, Grace Martin, Bud Brewer and Molly Rakestraw founded Reno Youth Bridge, Inc.,  a nonprofit Nevada Corporation for the purpose of organizing after school Bridge Clubs and teaching WCSD students to play the great game of contract bridge. Members of this year’s program have the opportunity to earn the award of a $1000 College Tuition Scholarship just by learning and playing the game of bridge.  The scholarship is awarded to the student who accumulates the largest number of Reno Youth Bridge Achievement Points (RYBAP) during the school year and is awarded at the end of the Spring semester. RYBAP points are earned for attendance in the after school class each week, attending and playing in one of the three RYB intramural tournaments, and for playing on line with an instructor on the App called  Special Silver points are awarded for ranking in the three intramural tournaments or for ranking in any game played at the Reno Bridge Center.  You can go online at and learn who is leading this competition at the moment.  The current standings are shown in the column at your right and as you can see the current leader in the competition has registered only 62 RYBAP points to date.  Any RYB member could earn 100 or more points between now and the end of this semester just by disciplined bridge class attendance, playing and ranking high in either of the two tournaments yet to play and by asking your teacher or a board member to play a few hands online at Thirty (30) RYBAP points are awarded for winning your section in either of the remaining tournaments, 20 for second and 10 for third.  If you work hard leaning and playing, you just may be the winner of a $1000 college tuition scholarship this June. For more information on this, contact your teacher or RYB President Jefri Donovan (