Macharg and Oakley win Midwinter

December 19,2015: Reno Youth Bridge held its WCSD Midwinter intramural tournament today at the Reno Bridge Center on Wrondel Way with 16 students attending.  Playing a steady defense and imaginative offense, Sarah Macharg and Matt Oakley, veterans of 5 years learning how to play this game, came out the winning pair with a match point score of 36.5 or a 67.5% game.  Emma Miller and Sidney Inouye were the runner up pair earning 34.5 match points or a 63.99% game.  The closeness of the score reflects the hard work of both pairs over the past several years honing their games by playing in ACBL sanctioned Youth tournaments at Chicago and Las Vegas.  This last year they joined 21 other students in the Summer weekly online classes to learn the modern 2/1 bidding system.  It is no surprise that they did so well competing in the RYB Mid Winter Championships.  Actually Miller and Inouye were leading the tournament overall when they began the play of boards 4,5 & 6 toward the end of the contest.  However Sarah and Matt put on their best bidding and defense to finish these three boards out match point scoring Miller and Inouye by 4 points and that held up to be more than the difference in their final score thus allowing them to win over the Miller Inouye pair by 2.00 Match points. In 3rd place were Carolyn Jones and Michelle Vasquez

14-IMG_0411                                                     Emma and Sidney



06-IMG_0398       03-IMG_039007-IMG_0400              05-IMG_0396





  Mid-Winter Tournament December 19, 2015
Scores after 6 rounds Average: 27.0 Section A
Pair Pct.    Score    Rank    MPs

4     67.59    36.50       1        0.80         Matt Oakley – Sarah Macharg
7     63.89    34.50       2        0.56         Emma Miller – Sidney Inouye
8     52.78    28.50       3        0.40         Carolyn Jones – Michelle Vasquez
2     50.93    27.50                                Raelynn Delacruz – Chris Lin
6     45.37    24.50                                Jeremy Benik – Hayden Davis
1     44.44    24.00                                Marus Jastrow – Kailee Betts
5     40.74    22.00                                Jamie Cohen – Andrew Wischer
3     34.26    18.50                                Meridian Donovan – Kat Callas




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Silicon Valley Wins Rematch with RYB

November 21, 2015: Perhaps hindered or maybe unaffected by the failure of Davidson Academy’s Matt Oakley to show up and participate in today’s Team Game Rematch with Silicon Valley, the RYB team made up of Henry Weisberg, Sidney Inouye and Emma Miller, joined by a fill-in teacher David Weinberg, nevertheless made an excellent showing in the 12 hand game.  Unfortunately unforced errors in two big swing hands led to the second loss to a fine SIVBC team, notwithstanding some brilliant bidding by Sidney and Emma along with steady play by the team’s top ranked player, Henry Weisberg and David Weinberg.  Watched by numerous members of the two groups and other interested players and their parents, the match demonstrated how well youth groups at our High Schools and Middle Schools are learning the game.  The RYB Directors hope for more team matches to be offered by other school bridge teams both here in the west and from eastern School Districts.

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RYB – SVYB Challenge Team Match won by SVYB

In their first online Challenge Team Game, the Reno Youth Bridge Challenge Team lost a close match (49-36 IMPS) against a strong team from Silicon Valley Youth Bridge Club.  Playing for Reno Youth Bridge were Henry Weisberg partnering with Sarah Macharg and Chris Lin partnering with Sidney Inouye.  Playing for Silicon Valley were Cornelius Duffie partnering with Sarah Youngquist and Olivia d’Arezzo partnering with Claire Duffie.  The match was held on, commonly referred to as BBO and visible for anyone who logged on the site and joined one or the other table as kibitzer.  The match was a 12 board two hour game scored with International Match Points in which the difference in the scores at the two tables are converted to IMPs and the winner is the team who has earned the largest number of IMPS over the twelve boards played.  The game was exciting for kibitzers since after Silicon Valley gained a large lead over the first two boards, RYP came back on the next three to take a small lead going into the second half of the tournament.  All the students played well and yet the Silicon Valley Team moved sharply ahead on two of the last 4 boards, a lead that RYB could only reduce with one good part score contract bid and made while Silicon Valley went down one trick.  The contest was pretty evenly matched as each team won 6 of the 12 boards but SVYB managed to score more IMPS on the boards that they won.  The Challenge Match was the first of three that are expected to be held between the two Bridge Programs.  The games were been organized by Bud Brewer and Dan Green, RYB Bridge Instructors and Debbie Rosenberg, President of Silicon Valley Youth Bridge Club.  Below if you would like to view the hands and play by each of the tables , are links to their history page.


Lin-Inouye vs. Duffie-d’Arezzo

Weisberg-Macharg vs Duffie-Youngquist


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Join your School’s Bridge Club

2015-9-13 recruitment

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Vytas Gedvilla Team wins Award Challenge


The Vytas Gedvila team won the 2/1 Game Force Awards Challenge Team Game on Sunday August 30th at the Golden Nugget Hotel.  The winning margin was just one Victory point over a series of 12 boards played by the two teams during the first session of the Reno Bridge Summer Sectional Tournament..  Vytas’ team was composed of Sidney Inouye, Emma Miller and Jonas Gedvila who sat in for Chris Lin who was originally designated as the Team Captain but was unable to participate.  Henry Weisberg’s Team was composed Nathan Ly, Ben Lee and Raelynn de la Cruz.   Bud Brewer and Dan Green directed the match which was the culmination of a Summer 2/1 Game Force learning program sponsored by them and Reno Youth Bridge Inc.  According to Dan Green the Gedvila team got an edge when Vytas opened with a weak two bid a couple of times and the Weisberg team members Ben and Raelynn had trouble getting to their optimum contract.

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Jefri Donovan elected to RYB Board

July 16, 2015: Jefri Donovan has been elected as a Member of the Board of Directors of Reno Youth Bridge, Inc.  She was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and attended the University of Washington where she earned a Jefri Donovan3degree in exercise physiology and education.  She spent the next thirty-one years teaching high school in a suburb of Seattle.  The last ten years of her teaching career was spent as a high school athletic director.  Jefri claims her passions in life are bridge, outdoor activities of any kind or variety and college football.  Go Huskies!!  She is currently working toward achieving her Life Masters certificate and hopes to achieve this goal in the next year or two.

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