Weisberg-Ly Win Midwinter Championship

December 27,2014: Taking up right where they left off last spring the partnership of Henry Weisberg and Nathan Ly of McQueen High School, showed their developing skill at the Bridge table by ringing up a healthy 68% game in the Reno Youth Bridge Midwinter Duplicate Bridge Championships on Saturday, December 27th at the Grand Sierra Resort. Eighteen pairs from Washoe County High School and Middle School Bridge Club members competed in this the first major tournament of the 2014-2015 School Year. Down in attendance from last year the low participation was likely caused by the fact that a beautiful cover of new snow had piled up on the Sierra ski resorts late during the week before and some players who normally compete were tempted to go to the slopes instead of test their skill at this the first of three Reno Youth Bridge sponsored duplicate bridge tournaments. Two members of the Silicon Valley Bridge Club in the San Jose California area, Brent Xiao and Rory Xiao, came up to Reno with their parents and not only participated in the RYB Midwinter but came close to winning it all as they had a 63.89% game placing second overall but just a fraction of a match point ahead of last year’s RYBAP college Tuition winner, Sara MacHarg and her partner Matt Oakley from the Davidson Academy. Fourth overall was the partnership of Christian Lin and Jimmy Cheng of McQueen High School who also scored a very nice 62.5% game only one and one half match points behind the third place pair of Macharg and Oakley. Following up in fifth place was the partnership of Andrew Wischer and Grecia Ruelas from Galena High School. The scores of both North South and east west players are shown below.

RENO YOUTH BRIDGE MIDWINTER NS PAIRS               Overall  Section
No                        Name                                                    Rank   |  Rank        | Score   |  Pct.       | Awards  |

1 JORDAN ROWLEY ASPEN NEAHUSAN                                                      63.50      44.10

2 HENRY WEISBERG    NATHAN LY                                   1            1           98.50       68.40      4.67 Red

3 MAX SLATER SHASHANK ADDAGARLA                                                     60.00       41.67

4 TALIA GUZMAN KAT KALLAS (NE)                                                              63.50       44.10

5 SIDNEY INOUYE EMMA MILLER                                                     4           68.50       47.57    0.85 Red

6 CAROLYN JONES MICHELLE VASQUEZ                                                    41.00       28.47

7 SASHA OBAMA MALIA OBAMA(NE)                                                            78.50        54.51

8 ANDREW WISCHER GRECIA RUELAS                            5              3          84.00        58.33     1.48 Red

9 CHRISTIAN LIN JIMMY CHENG                                        4              2           90.50        62.85    1.97 Red


>                                                                                      Overall   Section    |Final    |
No                                       Name                                   | Rank     | Rank      |Score    | Pct.     |     Awards |
1 BEN LEE RAELYNN DELACRUZ                                                                  68.00     47.22

2 CONNOR BOLTMAN CHRISTIEN ENAD                                         4           74.50     51.74        0.85 Red

3 BRENT XIAO    RORY XIAO                                             2              1           92.00    63.89      3.50 Red

4 KATHERINE SWEZEY COLE KENNY                                                            70.00    48.61

5 VYTAS GEDVILA LARSON RIVERA                                                              70.50    48.96

6 SARAH MACHARG MATT OAKLEY                                   3               2        91.00     63.19      2.63 Red

7 BRANDON HEREDIA    NUNEZ-EDGAR TORRES                                       62.00     43.06

8 HAYDEN DAVIS JEREMY BENIK                                                                  45.00     31.25

9 KIMBERLY TRAN JOSEPH CHENG                                                   3        81.00     56.25     1.22 Red

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December 15, 2014: Students of Washoe County high schools and middle schools are meeting at the Grand Sierra Resort on December 27th to participate in their first intramural tournament of the season. The event is held each year as a part of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) Reno Regional Tournament sponsored by District 20 of the ACBL. In this Youth tournament, beginning students have the option of competing in a Mini-Bridge format or in a regular duplicate bridge format. In either case, those finishing high in the placement or rankings of the tournaments will be awarded as many as 30-50 RYBAP achievement points. At the close of the school year and after the completion of competition at the Year-End Open Pairs Tournament, the winner of the RYB-WCSD College Tuition Scholarship will be awarded to the individual accumulating the highest number of combined Silver RYBAP points (earned for skill) and Black RYBAP points (earned for effort). This year participation in the Mid-Winter Youth Tournament is expected to be higher than last year when high schools were first admitted to the Reno Youth Bridge program. The Tournament is free to all members and begins with registration at 9:00 to 9:45AM and the game will get underway at 10:00AM. At about 11:30AM, some treats will be distributed to quell appetites and both events will conclude at 1:30PM. From the playing room on the lower level students will serpentine to a smaller meeting room on the second floor for a light lunch of sandwiches or Pizza provided for by the ACBL Reno Unit. The award ceremony will take place during lunch and Students will be available for pick up no later than 2:30PM. The Directors of Reno Youth Bridge have determined that this tournament is open to youth bridge players from outside member clubs who are in the Reno Tahoe area during the Christmas – New Year’s vacation break. If 4 or 5 members of such a youth program would like come and play in a challenge team match, Dan Green, President of Reno Youth Bridge, Inc. has said the Directors of Reno Youth Bridge will be pleased to set up such an event. Parents are welcome to kibitz (watch at a table) and they are welcome to join the Students for lunch following the tournament subject only to student first come privileges.

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Three new members of RYB Board of Directors

August 15, 2014: Kathy Lane, President of Reno Youth Bridge, has announced the election of three new members, Mike Slattery, Don Parsons and Susan Powell, to serve on the Reno Youth Bridge Board of Directors for the next year. The appointments followed Bud Brewer’s retirement at the end of the entity’s fiscal year, July 30,2014. Mike Slattery and Don Parsons were also elected as Vice Presidents and Susan Powell as Vice President and Treasurer. The three new members will enrich the Board’s efforts to continue the growth and development of Reno Youth Bridge’s after school activity program for teaching Washoe County students to learn and play Bridge, the game that enhances academic achievement. Mike Slattery and Susan Powell joined Reno Youth Bridge as RYB Instructors during the 2013 fall and 2014 spring semesters serving at McQueen High School and Desert Heights Elementary School respectively. Don Parsons is an active and experienced player of Contract Bridge here in Reno. On August 11th WCSD starts a new school year and Reno Youth Bridge will be recruiting new students and faculty representatives for all the schools in the District. Over 300 students registered to become members of after school Bridge Clubs last year among 14 of the District’s High Schools, Middle Schools and Elementary Schools. Three District wide Intramural duplicate bridge tournaments were held at the Grand Sierra Resort, John Ascuagas Golden Nugget hotel and the Reno Bridge Center to determine the winner of a $1000 College Tuition Scholarship along with over $3000 worth of Gift Certificates awarded to the top 20 students in competition for Reno Youth Bridge Achievement Points during the school year.

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Wischer & Boge Win Year-end Pairs Championships

June 7, 2014:  Andrew Wischer and Meredith Boge played almost flawless bridge to score a monstrous 65% game in the Reno Youth Bridge-WCSD Pairs Championships today at the Reno Bridge Center.  Careful defensive play and declarer play helped the pair rise to the top of the field when the scores were in.  Twenty Six partnerships competed in the event which was the final RYB tournament of the year in which over three hundred students registered last Fall to become members of the RYB bridge teaching Program.  Andrew and Meredith are students at Galena High School where Julia McGrath is the Club’s Faculty Representative and Sally Hertz and Rich Scoggins are the RYB Instructors at the school.  This is Meredith’s first year learning and playing the game of Bridge as a member of the Glena Bridge Club.  Andrew is a three year veteran of the RYB program having been a member of the Shaw Middle School Team that won the 2012-2013 WCSD-RYB Team Game Championships and had their names engraved on the  Tournament’s prestigious Silver Cup Trophy.  A one year possession of the Silver Cup is awarded to the School whose team wins the Spring Team Game Championships in that year.  In second place in the Pairs event was the partnership of Brenna Spackman and Kat Kallas, both three year veterans of the RYB after school Bridge teaching programs and leaders in their respective Clubs.  Brenna is a member of AACT High School Bridge Club where Dan Green is the RYB Instructor and Kat, another rising player is a student member of the High Desert Montessori Charter School’s Bridge Club where Hope Davis is the Faculty Representative and Molly Rakestraw is the RYB Instructor.  High Desert was a member of the 2008 Pilot after school bridge class program initiated by RYB with cooperation from the Washoe County School District.

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Sarah MacHarg Charges into the Lead

May 23,2014: Deciding she just wanted it more, Sarah MacHarg has moved to the top of the rankings for the Reno Youth Bridge Achievement Plan competition.  Sarah, shown here with Shashank Addagarla, a good youth player in his own right, is a 3rd year student member of RYB and has become a fine youth player.  As a member of the Davidson Bridge Club, she has also led the team’s success in winning the RYB Silver Cup this last April.  Now working to earn RYBAP points( black for effort, silver for skill),  Sarah is showing that she is learning the nuances of the game. Sarah has been piling up those Silver points in recent weekend quizzes as well as placing high in tournament play at the Reno Bridge center.  Sarah played in the recent Non Life Masters tournament at the Reno Bridge club with Director Kathy Lane and she and Kathy scored a very nice 53% game to place 4th among 19 tables.  Way to go Sarah.  The Year-end Reno Youth Bridge Pairs Championship is scheduled for June 7th and although Sarah has not indicated which of her Club members she plans to partner with it is almost a certainty that she will be close to if not on top at the end of the tournament.

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Reno Youth Bridge Final Pairs Tournament

May 8, 2014: Kathy Lane has announced that the final tournament of this school year will be held January 7th at the Reno Bridge Center starting with registration at 9:30 AM and finishing at 2:30 PM following the Award Ceremony at which a luncheon will be served.  Completing their 6th year of teaching High School, Middle School and Elementary students how to play bridge, Reno Youth Bridge had over 300 students register this year  in 14 after school Bridge Clubs at Washoe County Schools.  The final tournament is to be the 2014 Pairs Championships and the victorious partnership will have their names engraved on the Year End Trophy shown here.  Also at stake of course is the final ranking of students in the Reno Youth Bridge Achievement Program which awards a $1000 College Scholarship to the student accumulating the highest number of RYB Achievement Points during the school year.  In addition over $3000 in gift certificates are earned by the top 20 ranked students in the RYBAP competition and two members of the participating school faculties who’s teams have either won the Spring Team Game Championship or set the record for the aggregate number of students who attended the Major tournaments sponsored by Reno Youth Bridge. The teachers win a $250 Gift certificate redeemable at one of Reno’s finest Department Stores.  Last year, the winners of the RYB Year End Pairs Championship were Matt Oakley and Shashank Addagarla of the Davidson Academy.  It is well known that learning and playing games like bridge do enhance the critical learning process and students who take up the game will have a social activity in which to participate for their lifetime.  Bridge Clubs in the  Washoe County School District are attracting more and more members as students begin to discover just what a wonderful game bridge is and how it makes you think, make inferences from opponents behavior and solve problems by doing some basic math that helps exercise the brain.  One of the Faculty Representatives speaking in a meeting of individuals and corporations that contribute financial support for the program described Bridge as “basketball for the Brain” and that is a good description of how the sport of bridge helps students accelerate in academic achievement.

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