May 21, 2016: The Final Standings for the Reno Youth Bridge Achievement Program had some major last minute changes due to some early achievements not being updated until this last week. IMG_0870Finally getting it right, we learn that the winner of the Reno Youth Bridge Condition Precedent $1000 College Tuition Scholarship was Matt Oakley of the McQueen High School Bridge Club.  Matt, shown here with RYB President Mike Slattery and RYB Treasurer Susan Powell, scored over 116 Silver points and led the field in that category as well as total points.  Emma Miller was second and received a $500 Scholarship having accumulated 163.51 RYBAP points of which 85.51 are Silver.  In third place winning $250 Gift Certificate was Sidney Inouye also of McQueen High School with 143.76 total RYBAP points of which 75.26 were Silver points.  The Silver points are awarded for demonstrated skill and represent winning or ranking high in the three Major RYB sponsored tournaments , ACBL Club Games or Regional and National Tournaments.  The four highest Silver Point winners were Matt Oakley, Emma Miller, Sidney Inouye and Sara Macharg and for which they have also been awarded $400.00 cash subsidy usually matched by the ACBL Division 21 to help offset their expenses attending the National American Bridge Championships scheduled for later this year in Washington D.C. 



As of May 21, 2016, the Ranking for the top 20 positions earning RYBAP points are as follows:

Matt Oakley, McQueen High School Club 196.62
Emma Miller, McQueen High School 163.51
Sidney Inouye, McQueen High School 143.76
Sarah Macharg, McQueen High School Club 138.92
Haley Oliver, Sparks Middle School   74.50
Leigh Fischer, Sparks Middle School   70.50
Kailee Betts, McQueen High School   57.50
Luis Heredia-Nunez, Sparks Middle School   57.00
Alex Heredia-Nunez, Sparks Middle School   55.00
Vytas Gedvila, McQueen High School   54.00
Michielle Vasquez, McQueen High School   46.00
Ashley Unebasami, Billinghurst Middlke School   45.00
Raelynne de la Cruz, McQueen High School   43.50
Carolyn Jones, McQueen High School   41.00
Olivia Hollender, Sparks Middle School   39.00
Michelle Choung, McQueen High School   38.5
Hayden Davis, Galena High School   37.00
Jeremy Benik, Galena High School   35.00
Andrew Wischer, Galena High School   34.00
 Victoria Nelson, Sparks Middle School   34.00